Codes Courses Duration
LDF 101 Leading Change: Strategy through to Implementation 4 Weeks
LDF 102 Leading for Change: A strategic Approach 4 Weeks
LDF 103 Implementing Sustainable Change 4 Weeks
LDF 104 Managing People Through Change: Attitude and Behaviors 4 Weeks
LDF 105 Institutional Development for Permanent for Permanent Secretaries and Senior Executives 3 Weeks
LDF 106 LEAN Management Master Class 3 Weeks
LDF 107 Effective People Management 3 Weeks
MAO 101 Corporate Performance Measurement Methodology Workshop 4Weeks
MAO 102 Effective Management Analysis and Operational Auditing 4weeks
MAO 103 Corporate Operational Audit Leadership Skills 4Weeks
MAO 104 Organisational Risk Management Training 4Weeks
MAO 105 Strategic Management of Computer Based Accounting & Business Information System 4Weeks
MAO 106 Operational Audit and Performance Evaluation of Process Production 4Weeks
MAO 107 Management Consultant Development 4Weeks
MAO 108 Operational Risk Management Training Program 4Weeks
MAO 109 21st Century corporate Performance Measurement Methodology 4 Weeks
MAO 110 Effective management Analysis & Corporate Operational Auditing skills 4 Weeks
MAO 111 Strategic Management of computer based Accounting & Business Information Systems (BIS) 3 Weeks
MAO 112 Operational Audit & Performance Evaluation of Process Production facilities 4 Week
MAO113 Advanced Operational Auditing & Management Effectiveness Analysis 4 Week
MAO 114 Operational Project Performance Evaluation Audit 4 Weeks
MAO 115 Corporate Audit Leadership Team Skills Development 4 Week