Improve Security


  • 24/7 Control Room
  • Access to an experienced recovery team
  • Local and international vehicle recoveries are free in countries Cartrack operates in
  • Automated alerts set up for high risk zones

Increase driver and road safety


  • Monitor and coach drivers to curb reckless driver behaviour, thereby reducing the risk of accidents
  • Driver scorecard to improve driving habits and to incentivise drivers
  • Manage ‘hours of driving’ to ensure compliance with road safety regulations
  • Accident reconstruction capabilities to help determine culpability and liability for accidents
  • Accident detection capabilities
  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the precise location of your drivers

Manage the maintenance of your fleet


  • Schedule reminders and keep the history of past services
  • Set up automated alerts for service reminders
  • Store records of maintenance costs on Fleet
  • Driver behaviour monitoring will reduce maintenance costs

Improve productivity


  • Know the location and status of any vehicle, at any time, improving your business time management
  • Control and flexibility when analysing vehicle and driver activity within your business
  • Selectively and securely enable departments or regions in your business to view their respective fleets
  • Receive exception reports on undesirable driver behaviour such as speeding, extended idling, in real-time

Reduce fuel consumption


  • Track fuel consumption on a per vehicle basis versus mileage
  • Receive reports on abnormal vehicle fuel usage to combat fraud, vehicle malfunction and bad driving behaviour
  • Monitor irregular cases where a vehicle assigned fuel card was used
  • Have access to graphs depicting fuel efficiency of your fleet

Reduce labour costs


  • Improve time management of drivers
  • Monitor overtime
  • Improved utilisation of your fleet will lead to reduced driver headcount

Improve customer service


  • Monitor your delivery vehicle’s routing and time scheduling
  • Optimise productivity of both your staff and fleet using the Cartrack Communicator Product
  • Keep historical records of the whereabouts and routes of your vehicles
  • Schedule your deliveries and service staff more efficiently
  • Use reliable and real-time data gathered from the system as operational intelligence to optimise your business



  • Optimise fuel consumption and kilometres traveled



Automated Alerts    X  X
Power Event Notification  X  X
Reports – Driver Behaviour  X  X
Logbook  X  X
Route Replay  X  X
E-Toll Reports  X  X
Geofences  X  X
Instant Positioning via Control Room  X  X
Ignition Sensor  X  X
Accident Reconstruction  X  X
Back-up Battery  X  X
Stolen Vehicle Recovery Warranty  X


Instantly manage driver exceptions with SMS and email notifications
Cash Sale:
Hardware Installation R 1999.99
Monthly R99

36 months Rental:
Monthly R165